Coporate Environmental Policy

Atlanta Flooring Design Centers, Inc. believes that environmental sustainability is an essential part of our business culture and future growth. It is our intent to remain a leader in our community where our employees live, work and play and to encourage responsible actions as stewards of our environment.

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

A strong focus on reducing, recycling and reuse has made us a leader in Gwinnett County and the surrounding metro Atlanta area. As we continue to grow and serve our community, we will strive to find new ways and processes in which to reduce our environmental footprint.

Recycling Program

Recover Carpet Recycling Program

Our continued partnership with Mohawk Industries, Inc. RECOVER Carpet Recycling Program has allowed us to divert nearly 65,000 square yards or 325,000 lbs of used carpet from our landfills for use in other products.

Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc. is committed to supporting and developing our communities environmental and safety efforts and will continue to uphold our responsibility as a leader in our industry and community.