Hardwood Flooring Design Tips

No matter what your decorating tastes or lifestyle, you can always find a variety of choices in hardwood flooring to enhance your décor and add richness to any room. Hardwood floors come in a wide variety of wood species, widths, stains and finishes today which means you no longer have to settle for the same look as your neighbors or friends. Whether you like wide planks, beveled edges or no bevels, light colors or dark colors, floors with lots of character markings or not, you will find the right option for your home.  

Below are just a few decorating ideas to help you decide what hard wood flooring options you prefer based on your interior décor, lifestyle, room furnishings and visual preferences.

Kitchen Wood Flooring

Making a floor the focal point

You can add depth and dimension to any room with lighting, light colored walls and furnishings by complementing the interior décor with a dark, rich hardwood floor with subtle variations in graining. Choose an exotic wood species, American hickory or a hand scraped hardwood floor with a dark stain to really make the floor standout and pop.

Bedroom Hardwood Flooring

Clean and bright

Using a natural colored hardwood floor can really brighten up a room that has darker colored walls and furnishings. It will also make the room seem more spacious and open. Natural white oak, maple and some other less grainy hardwoods are an excellent choice for these interiors.

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

Creating a distinctive look

You can find exotic hardwoods in a broad range of colors, grains and textures to add a distinct and timeless visual appeal to any interior décor. Exotics like Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, African Wenge, Santos Mahogany and Tigerwood offer homeowners a new way to create the room's mood and personality.

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

Hand-crafted appearance

An increasingly popular choice by homeowners today is using a hand scraped hardwood floor or wire brushed wood that gives a unique hand crafted appearance. These floors resemble the reclaimed floors of old with lots of character markings, but with today's superior finishes for ease of cleaning and durability.

Hardwood Flooring with a wood border

Adding a border for accent

Another way to add distinctive flair to a room with hardwood flooring is to insert a wood border. Borders can be used to accent the flooring and give a plain hardwood floor a more sophisticated appearance.