Measuring & Calculating For Hardwood Flooring

Before you shop online, or decide to visit Atlanta Flooring Design Centers showroom, it helps to estimate how much hardwood flooring you will need for the areas you want to cover. Here is a quick and simple way to estimate the total square footage of hardwood flooring required in order to cover a room. Please remember that your rooms should be professionally measured before installation and Atlanta Flooring Design Centers will complete this important service at no charge to our customers.

  • Square off each section of the area you are going to install hardwood flooring so you can measure the width and length to calculate the square footages.
  • Then add the square footage for each section together to get the total square footage for the area you plan on installing flooring in.
  • Add 5% to the total square footage for waste and extra pieces. (Width * Length = Total Square Feet * 1.05)

Note: Most hardwood flooring is sold in full cartons only. So you will need to know how many square feet are in a carton. Then divide your total square footage by the square feet per carton and round up to the nearest carton.

(Total Square Feet of Area / Square Feet per Carton = Number of Cartons (rounded up to the nearest integer to get full carton)

(Number of Cartons * Square Feet per Carton = Total Sqaure Feet you are actually buying)

For definitions see: What does ctn mean in flooring?