Planned Maintenance Program / Cleaning

A Customized Program Tailored To Meet Your Maintenance Requirements

Traditionally, most commercial carpet is cleaned when its appearance reaches an unacceptable point. Often, cleaned carpet does not return to its original appearance due to fiber damage. Over time the carpet's appearance will deteriorate and the carpet will need to be replaced prematurely. Carpet will usually "ugly out" before it wears out. To avoid premature replacement and extend the life of your carpet investment, a thorough preventative maintenance plan should be established to protect against the enemies of your carpet such as dirt, grease, pollutants, and stains. Atlanta Flooring will design a customized, planned maintenance program, taking into account the many factors which can adversely affect the life of your carpet.

The Program Begins With An Inspection Of Your Facilities

Appearance LevelA skilled, planned maintenance design specialist from Atlanta Flooring will inspect and analyze your carpet installation, noting traffic patterns, heavily soiled areas, break room's food service areas, coffee stations, freight elevators, restroom locations, elevator lobbies and more. A customized colored floor plan will be developed to categorize each carpeted area into a procedures mode based upon the amount of soiling and traffic, and the profile each room plays in relation to your customers and employees. No two carpet installations are exactly the same. Soiling, traffic condition, usage consideration, and service time will affect different requirements for how carpets should be maintained. Our company representative will design a customized program that fits your specific needs and your budget. The end result will be a healthier indoor environment for your employees and customers, a sustained quality appearance, and the maximum useful life of your carpeting.

Step 1 - Your Role In A Successful Planned Carpet Maintenance Program

  1. Specification Of The Right Product - Carpet style, color, and installation. Advice will be provided for future and all current installations.
  2. Use Of Walk Off Entry Mats - Install, and maintain effective walk off entry mats to help control soiling. Our company can assist you in choosing and maintaining proper walk off mats.
  3. Maintenance Of Entry And Walk Off Areas - Regular sweeping or washing of hard surface and concrete areas that are leading into the buildings.
  4. Periodic Cleaning And Servicing Of The Air Handling System - This reduces the amounts of soiling, particulates, VOC's and biological contaminants that may settle into the carpeting.
  5. Building Design And Usage - Food service, and food consumption to designated areas, along with the use of saucers and trays in coffee rooms and the use of coasters under potted plants, will all contribute to soil reduction.
  6. Daily Vacuuming Schedule - Well planned and consistent vacuuming schedule is essential to any carpet maintenance program. High traffic areas should be vacuumed daily to remove damaging dry soil. We'll help you design an effective schedule and provide advice as to the best kind of vacuuming equipment for future investment.
  7. Spot And Stain Treatment And Removal - Immediate attention must be given to any material that is spilled or dropped onto the carpet. If attended to in a timely manner chances for success of complete removal are significantly improved. We will train your personnel in proper procedures for dealing with and removing spots and spills as soon as they occur.

Step 2 - Atlanta Flooring's Role in Program Implementation

  1. Customized Colored Maps And Specific Cleaning Procedures - Our detailed program will provide you with our recommendations for vacuuming frequency, along with a detailed analysis of where, how often, and when we will be cleaning.
  2. Interim/Appearance Maintenance Carpet Cleaning - We will use a fast drying,appearance improvement carpet cleaning method to assure the maximum appearance level of your carpeting at all times.
  3. Restorative/Intensive Carpet Cleaning Procedures - High performance hot water extraction carpet cleaning procedures utilizing truck mounted or high powered portable cleaning equipment. This deep, thorough cleaning will maximize the extraction and removal of soil, bacteria, allergens, and pollutants from your carpeting to provide a safer, healthier, cleaner indoor environment.

The Value Of Planned Maintenance

  1. Asset Management - Carpeting is a large investment for your business. You purchased a high quality carpet to improve and present a more prestigious image and to support a more aesthetically pleasant work environment. When you maintain this carpet investment properly, according to the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations, it will perform as intended. Preserving the color, aesthetics, style, acoustics, safety, and insulation factors will enhance your bottom line.
  2. Appearance Management - The carpet always looks good. You are provided with a continuous high level of appearance. The carpet never gets to that "unacceptable" point.
  3. Professional Image - Company concern for employees and customers as well as the surrounding environment of the business is enhanced in the eyes of building occupants and users.
  4. A Healthier Indoor Environment - Provides a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. Issues of indoor air quality, tight buildings, and the role of carpet as a filter and/or sink in the indoor environment point to the benefits of a regular carpet cleaning program.  A preventative maintenance plan is a major factor in maintaining a healthy environment in which to live and work.
  5. Reduce Or Control "Ownership Costs" - Since carpet is not allowed to deteriorate to the unacceptable level, cleaning procedures are less aggressive and complex and therefore less expensive. Frequent carpet cleaning also reduces the amount of dust and particulates that find their way into the air and therefore reduces janitorial cleaning costs. Since regular cleaning will prolong the useful life of the carpet, the costs of maintenance are amortized over more time when compared to replacement costs. Ownership cost can be calculated by adding the total cost of owning the carpet and dividing by its useful life. Ownership cost can include tear up of old carpet, cleanup of floor, floor prep costs, cost of new carpet, cost of installation, and total cost of maintenance.

Our technicians have been trained and certified through intensive courses from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).