Selecting Your Carpet Style

Atlanta Flooring Design is one of the top independent flooring retailers in the United States. We carry all the major carpet brands from the leading carpet manufacturers. No matter what carpet style, pattern or color you are looking for you will find it at Atlanta Flooring Design. Along with expert carpet installation and interior design assistance.

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saxony carpet

Saxony Carpets


  • Smooth, soft cut-pile surface
  • Versatile in performance and appearance
  • Works well with traditional rooms
  • Often used in formal areas
textured saxony

Textured Saxony Carpets

Textured Saxony
  • Textured surface helps hide footprints
  • Great casual appearance
  • Extremely popular style
  • Ideal for active families and can be used in any room
frieze carpet

Frieze Carpets

  • Textured surface with nubby appearance
  • Extremely durable and long wearing
  • Great for active rooms
velvet carpet

Velvet Carpets

  • Fine, tip sheared surface
  • Elegant style with a formal look
cut & loop carpet

Cut and Loop Carpets

Cut and Loop
  • Distinctive carved appearance
  • Cut & loops give a variety of surface levels
  • Multi-colors help hide stains and traffic
  • Can really spice up a room
  • Fits a variety of room settings
multi loop carpet

Multi-Level Loop Carpets

Mutli-level loop
  • Several different levels of loops
  • Creates a unique looking pattern effect
  • Has a casual appearance
  • Very durable and hides traffic well
level loop

Level Loop Carpets

Level loop
  • Loops are all the same height
  • Usually made with Olefin fiber
  • Casual appearance and extremely durable
  • Great for family rooms and basements