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At Atlanta Flooring Design Centers we offer the top name vinyl flooring brands and luxury vinyl floor tiles & planks from companies such as: Mannington, Armstrong, Karndean and Tarkett. Our professionally trained sales and design staff can help you select the best floor for your needs and our highly skilled installers will ensure the flooring is installed correctly.

Vinyl flooring has changed dramatically over the years and has become a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and any area of the home where you want performance, ease of cleaning and where topical spills are a concern. The higher grade vinyl floors from Mannington, Armstrong and Tarkett today offer outstanding realism in wood and tile visuals. Plus, these floors are extremely durable as well as stain and scuff resistant.

Our wide selection of luxury vinyl tiles and planks offer home owners an alternative to ceramic tile and hardwood flooring without sacrificing fashion. Luxury Vinyl Tiles (also called LVT) look and feel like the real thing and can be used in many situations where wood and tile are not recommended by flooring manufacturers. This is a must see floor product if you are considering a hard surface floor for an active area or high traffic area of the home.

Vinyl flooring brand names
Karndean vinyl flooring

Reasons To Select Vinyl Flooring

Easy installation, versatility, low maintenance and popular choice for flooring in any room.


Vinyl is one of the most affordable, resilient flooring solutions available. Depending on the surface you choose, materials costs can be up to 70% less than other flooring materials.


Vinyl offers a variety of colors and patterns to match your decorating style. With proper surface preparation, it can be installed over any standard underlayment, concrete, old ceramic tile, wood or non-cushioned vinyl.  It is a good choice for any room at, above or below grade level.


No-wax surfaces and easy cleanup are also advantages of vinyl flooring. Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping are all you need to keep your floor looking bright and new. Spills are no problem; simply wipe with a damp cloth.


Aside from obvious color and pattern variations, the biggest difference between vinyl tiles is the surface coating, or wear layer. Tiles are covered with one of three surface coatings to resist dirt, stains and scuff marks:

  • Vinyl No-Wax is recommended for areas with light traffic and minimal exposure to dirt.
  • Urethane is a good choice for areas with normal to heavy traffic. Urethane also resists scuff marks, scratches from sliding chairs and cleans up easily.
  • Enhanced Urethane is considered the highest quality surface coating. Enhanced urethane holds up to the heaviest traffic, offers the greatest stain and scratch resistance and maintains its original luster longer than other coatings.

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