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No matter what your decorating tastes or lifestyle, you can always find a variety of choices in hardwood flooring to enhance your décor and add richness to any room.

Top hardwood design tips

Hardwood floors come in various wood species, widths, stains, and finishes today. No matter what your hardwood wants and needs are, there is hardwood for you.  Whether you're interested in wide planks, beveled edges, something dark and moody, or something bright and airier, you'll find a hardwood you love. 

Below you will find a few hardwood decorating tips!

Your hardwood should be the focal point

Let your hardwood be the star of the room by opting for light-colored walls and proper lighting that showcases the beauty of your floors. With a variety of hardwood grain options, plank sizes, and species to select from you have the power to make your hardwood pop. 

The brighter the better

By opting for light walls, proper lighting, and lighter-colored furniture, you can make your hardwood and its classical beauty stand out even more. 

Think Exotic

Consider opting for exotic hardwood options like Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, African Wenge, Santos Mahogany, or Tigerwood to make sure that your room really stand out. 

Hand-scraped hardwood

Hand-scraped hardwood floors or wire-brushed wood offers a unique look and feel for your home. Hand-scraped hardwood floors offer that old-school character with the new school of functionality and durability. 

Consider a border

A wood border can be used as an accent in rooms with hardwood flooring. Borders provide hardwood floors with additional charm and character.