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Tile Floor Care & Maintenance

Follow our care & maintenance guide for the top tips and tricks to maintaining your tile flooring. 

How to care for your tile

Tile flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain. With regular upkeep, you can help keep your tile flooring looking great for years to come.

Follow our guide for help in setting up a proper care & maintenance routine for your tile flooring. 

Tile Care & Maintenance | Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc
tile care & maintenance | Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc

Preventative maintenance for your tile

The best way to keep your tile floor looking great is to sweep, vacuum, or dust on a daily basis. This will help keep away dirt and other debris and will help your floor maintain a nice shine/polish.

Dealing with spills & stains

For common messes and spills like water or pet accidents, simply wipe away the liquid or mop clean. Tile is great for handling spills and stains!

However, you should be aware that tile will be slippery when wet. If using a mop, please keep this in mind and allow the tile to sufficiently dry after the fact.

tile care & maintenance | Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc